COLLINGWOOD PLAYERS ARE HOT ********************************************* >ESPECIALLY JAMIE < ********************************************* Kayla, 17, from Melbourne, Australia :) Please follow me! I'll Love you forever! xxx
Nice face beb

Nice face beb

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elliottsarmy said:  hey lovely, just wanted to say i adored your blog last year and I still do now and i'm looking forward to your posts this season xx

Hi gorgeous!! Naw thank you so much! That’s so nice of you :) your blog is the reason I started mine! Love it so much

realhousewivesofperth said:  Exactly! People have this impression that because some fans are dodgy that all of them are. As if the 70,000+ members of Collingwood ALL have bad teeth and are drunks. So silly. Hahaha devo! You were my only hope! haha xo

I know!!! It’s so stupid! Hahaha xoxo

realhousewivesofperth said:  I'm a sydney fan but dont worry, collingwood are my second faves :) I legit dont understand why they get so much shit from everyone? anyway, im glad someone else out there finally sees my point that collingwood players are total babes. ps you should consider writing some collingwood smut :) hahah

First of all, good on you for having such good sportsmanship, so many people are so one-sided when it comes to afl, it’s their team or nothing. Collingwood is definitely my favorite team by far but I have nothing against any of the other teams.

I don’t understand why we get shit from everyone else either, I understand that we do have fans that are dodgy and have no teeth but I have sat next to the cheersquads of other teams and they are exactly the same, if not worse than Collingwood’s fans. I get shit from my friends and family all the time and it’s so annoying hahaha

Collingwood players are 100% the hottest players hahaha

And about the smut, omg I’ve never even considered that before! Haha I am a shit writer so I wouldn’t be able to do it but if anyone ever decides to write collingwood smut please let me know! :P

Collingwood Training Session

Collingwood Training Session

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Collingwood Training Session

Collingwood Training Session

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